Glowing Testimonial

Chris Englefield is truly a computer programming expert. He is a professional in the field of creating websites. I have a very extensive website, in 3 languages. . When I first created it about 20 years ago, we did quite well, because we only had 4 competitors…
However our concept became very popular, and today I estimate that we have somewhere around 4.000 competitors. Nearly all of their websites are professionally designed.

My website obviously was an amateur designed website, and although I did well on Google, it did not look professional. On content I am strong, I know some html and SEO, but I do not have a clue about CCS and Java. However I did not want my site to look the same as 150-200 others.

Then Chris came along. Leaving the content more or less as it was, he completely updated all pages, making it all look professional.
Then he made the whole site mobile friendly. Whoopee, Google loves us. No 1 on page 1 for a multitude of keywords.

However our booking process was rather cumbersome, and even the leading online reservation system could not provide a satisfactory system. It was just too complicated. We have a multitude of programs, 7 days, 10 days and 14 days programs. Some of these run concurrently. Plus programs offered by outside facilitators.
Then we have single rooms, double rooms, double rooms shared and double rooms which can be had as a single room. High season and low season.

When I told Chris about this, he said. Now that is a challenge. I love challenges!
Today we have the most sophisticated booking system of any of our competitors. It is fully automated, and the bookings are coming in every day. 3 of our next programs are fully booked. Thank you Chris.

Chris never pretends to be the “I know it all” expert (like some other a-h that I have used. They all call themselves expert, and they all know better.
Then I have had to spend days, and on a couple of occasions weeks, to correct their mistakes.
Chris always listen to my suggestions. He will either say: Yes Frank I agree, and he will implement it, or yes Frank, that is a good idea, but perhaps this would be better, which it always is, or he will explain to me why it simply can’t be done.

Chris is always there to support me when I need him. But Chris is a family man, his policy is that the weekend is for the family. He does not work on the weekend.
On a couple of occasions I have screwed up properly, on the weekend, and boy, can I screw up!!! I have dropped him a line, explaining my problem, and he has gotten back to me immediately.
Now that is service.

If you need your current webpage updated, or if you need a completely new website, contact Chris. He is the best!!
And to top it all of, his fees are more than extremely reasonable.
And he is a nice guy.
Chris I love you.

Frank Jensen